Depression. A chance to be reborn.

If one looks at depression from an outside perspective, it seems depressing to even think or hear or talk about it.

But consider this.

Most of us, succumb ourselves to borrowed lives. Example, Your parents wanted you to become this and that, they spent this much of money on you, so you now feel obliged to live according to their wants.

It is just one example. There are many others. And now, living this life, you are not contented, you are deeply unsatisfied yet you feel under a lot of pressure to fulfil the demands of the others, and you keep on going like that.

It seems to me, there can be three cases

1. You refuse to live a borrowed life. You live a surrendered life.
2. You feel you have no choice at all, so you continue pleasing everyone around you, and live a dull life requiring a lot of excitement from time to time, in order to make you feel alive.
3. You become depressed.

Now, when depression happens, it is a yearning from the deepest of your being, to stop making a fool of yourself, and start to live again.

So, Depression must be treated with a very high regard, for it is a direct and intimate calling of your own being. The one you have forgotten, to be in embrace of you again. In case no. 2, where no depression happens, one is even more worse off, as there are no chances for us to be reborn.

So, Listen to the call of your being. If depression happens, listen to what it wants to tell you. Help, reach out, ask for help.

Do not give in, hang on.
The phoenix rises only from the ashes.


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