Love..Just is.

Love. I thought I knew what it is, until it was revealed to me.. that I had no clue of what love is.. And in that revelation, in that crashing to the ground.. breaking apart in countless pieces.. I felt.. As if I touched love, for the very first time in life.. And now, when [...]

Self Love is self-less.

Earlier, in one of the posts, I have talked on Self Love. That Self Love is Ruthless. You may have a look here if inclined: Today, extending it into a different direction: That Self Love is actually self-less. What does it mean? A life not lived in surrender is a life not even lived, [...]

The Divine Music

Imagine.. if you have time.. Imagine.. with me, here... Imagine that all of us billions, trillions, gazillions of beings are nothing but notes of a huge Divine instrument. Each one of us, can vibrate at one particular frequency, a very special frequency, very very perfectly. And each note is very unique, very special, there is [...]

Open up your gifts…

When life is going happy, we don't need to talk about those moments much.. Because somehow we know how to sail through gratitude. What challenges us the most is our hard to face moments, our challenges, our difficulties: in relationships, in jobs, in work, in house, etc. It is really extremely interesting to observe: [...]

Wrapping paper

I am falling in love, with my little little challenges, my little little darknesses, which often appear so big.. and bring me always a surprise.. something I had never known, in myself, something I had not been aware of.. I wonder, at times, what a treasure hides in this existence.. within and without.. which slowly [...]

The road to Timbuktu..

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have shown us the path.. They have shown us a long long path. A path, which has enough potential to keep us occupied worthily for a lifetime and even beyond. Now, it is totally upto me, whether I take the suggestion seriously enough, and walk it. They have also indicated [...]

Solution of misery: Awakening to the inner presence- from “The Life Divine”

Quoting an excerpt from Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine:  (CWSA Vol. 21, p.111-14) In the first place, since in our depths we ourselves are that One, since in the reality of our being we are the indivisible All-Consciousness and therefore the inalienable All-Bliss, the disposition of our sensational experience in the three vibrations of pain, pleasure [...]

Lotus, a symbol..

Many years ago, I wanted to come back to India after my studies, because I was missing the dirt and the dust and the struggles of India. I did not know then, why I wanted the dirt and the dust and the struggles. Many years later now, I still don't know why I love the [...]

Samataa and indifference

Sharing a few thoughts on samataa (equanimity) and indifference: On this path of life as sadhana, there are possibilities of misunderstandings at every step, especially in the moments when one is not able to access the guidance from highest possible consciousness within oneself. One may have mental theories about concepts one has read or heard [...]

Honouring experiences

We often don't honour our experiences, our phases of life. Ways of the existence are beyond the understanding of our mind, and many a times only several years later we realise the importance of the older phases of our life @ why they needed to be there, what progress they brought to us, what path [...]

Getting softer..

We all get our share of blows in life. That's how it is designed somehow. For each one of us, there is a special unique set of blows waiting.. yuhoo... Isn't that exciting!!! Can't wait to open my set!!!! -- What is upto me is - how I use those blows. Do I use them [...]


We human beings live through relationships with each other... whether we want to name it or not name it, we have relationships with everything, each person in our life. We often try to save our relationships too hard. I wonder, why do we do that? Is it that we already know how weak they are? [...]

Do it now ..

We keep all of ourselves to ourselves usually, We keep sticking to ourself, This little I, full of a past, a history, a plan, a future, many relationships, etc. etc.  All this while we have forgotten,  we came to offer this 'I' to the Divine.  We forget, and then gradually through life,  we get burdened, through pains, thoughts, [...]


I remember, Clearly, offering you and me to the Divine, to the fire of aspiration.. I remember that I did that for long, And now, it seems, all that is happening, no matter how painful, for both of us, is nothing but a sanctification, a purification, of you and me, so that our lives can [...]


Someone dying Someone being born, Someone in darkness, Someone in light, Someone elated, Someone deeply depressed, Someone light Someone heavy, Someone highly creative, Someone struggling to find his ground, Someone in hate, Someone in love.. Oh you divine master, All you, All your disguises, All your play... All someones are only you, Playing with yourself, [...]

Learning to love

We are all Learning to love. Through our failures in loving, Through our small little successes in loving, Through our so called blunders in loving, Through sometimes getting frustrated in loving, Through sometimes getting peace in loving, We are all Learning to love. What else this life, If not a continuous flow towards loving better [...]


‘It’ keeps on hiding its manipulations from itself, or so ‘it’ thinks, And ‘it’ is in the illusion that no one sees. There is a Presence that sees it all, but speaketh it not, For it waits, for a conscious decision from ‘it’ to reveal its manipulations, Without that conscious surrender, a will to unburden, [...]

Seed… Darkness…

A seed, by itself, Wanders about, Moved by winds... A careless throw from a hand, And it wanders around.. Pregnant with a potential, It only knows, in oblivion.. And then, It gets embedded in the moist darkness Of all nurturing earth, The darkness holds the seed patiently, softly, with care, For it to crack one [...]

O darkness..

O Darkness, Now I see how you are full of light... I place all my attention, all my energy to people, situations, things, all my life, Good that my hopes are not answered.. Good that my demands are not granted.. In a hopelessness, I gather my strings, Wallowing, entangled all around, In a hopelessness, I [...]

It seems

I heard from everyone, Express, express, share.. I heard from so many, don't keep your love in your heart.. But what I am finding is, The more I keep my love for you, within myself, and not express it.. The more this love grows, expands my heart... It seems to me that love and silence [...]

The light within ..

There will be times, full of doubt, anxiety, confusion, darkness, fear..   and those times can really get heavy, they have this tendency of overpowering one's being, masking its light as if..   But as the stars shine in the darkest of space there is a tiny spark of light amidst that seeming darkness..   [...]

The Path of Surrender

The Path of Surrender -------------- There are phases in our lives when we become too settled with ourselves. Too much in our comfort zones, same circle, same activities, same everything and the only thing that is happening is there is stagnancy, as if the waters are settled for too long and not flowing and progressing. [...]

Only the Divine..

Often times we take up too much upon ourselves. Grief of a friend, suffering of a loved one, pain of another fellow human, the depression of another friend.. and in recent times, suffering of humanity. I wonder whether it is the right way for us to go. I wonder. I see that the highest status [...]

Softer.. gentler..

Having seen the selfishness inside me, I will now not judge people who show selfishness, Having seen the lust and desires within me, I will not be judgemental towards those who manifest it, Having seen the depth of darkness within me, I will not judge the ones in who I see the darkness, Having seen [...]

The “I”

That importance, The "I" seeks From him, From her, From the situations.. That importance, The "I" will never get. The begging bowl Will never be filled, It will never rain, There where the "I" bangs his head. That wall will never break. The "I" will have to come back home, The begging bowl will have [...]

Move on

'My' demands will not cease, 'My' expectations will not cease, 'I' am the reason of 'my' sufferings, In pain I move on, In suffering I move on, In realising the futility of my efforts, I move on, I break and move on, I fail, I cry, I am knocked a gazillion times, I move on, [...]

Forever shining

I see a bright star in the rain washed sky tonight. Its light appears flickering, Owing to the winds, But strongly it holds its space In the sky, Bright, burning, light, Sometimes a cloud passes by, Hiding its light for a moment, But I know that it's there. Behind the cloud, Still shining, The light [...]


I lie molten, in pieces, Being stuck and wounded By the arrow of love. Tears, wounds, vulnerability Adorn me. While I can't figure where I begin. And where I end. And then something touches me From nowhere. Soft, gentle, compassionate, courageous, wild, It feels warm. I feel held. It's your hand. I know, And I [...]

I am both, and none

In the middle of my unresolved situations, I lie resolved. In the middle of waiting for my love, I lie bathed in love somewhere within. In the middle of my unfulfilled desires, I lie fulfilled somewhere within. In the middle of this dryness I feel, I lie soaked in moistness. I don't wish to distinguish [...]