But, I don’t want to hurt him!

"He likes his meals set in a particular way. He is very very particular about it. like an obsession. And I am always on a high alert, stressed, scared, to make sure his meals are properly laid. Even if a spoon is not in a proper position it bothers him and then he would talk [...]


He doesn’t approve of me!!

In Conversation with a lady, who has suffocated herself in a role for decades. She now sees her suffering and wants to see if there is any other way to live than this?   She: If I live my life as I wish to, and go out or meet people as I wish to, or [...]

Immunity for the Mind

A friend initiated conversation on Immunotherapy for cancer. He said that when he read about it, it felt very appealing and much better than the other therapies or treatments around for cancer. Indeed, it does sound promising. Targeted Immunotherapy. Where you are making something like a strong army, a vigilant army to take care of [...]

His Silence!

She came into the room, wanting to have a word with him. He was standing in the Balcony. It was night time, and had already started getting quieter. As quieter as it could get in a city. He was looking at the sky, or may be somewhere beyond the sky. She couldn't guess. May be [...]


A friend with whom our meet ups were not happening for a long time, remarked casually - Just a casual remark - "Your new house is not feeling very warm to me!" I invited her, to give it a chance, as I particularly feel that it has a lot of Sunshine and warmth as well, [...]


She had started living her life now. She knew it. She was just living for the sake of her heart, only that. And then, a phone call from a close relative - Oh, I hope you are taking care of your family! It sent her thinking. What was this thing about girls taking care of [...]

The dialogue

She was working in the kitchen, almost done with the cooking and winding up. She looked a bit tense, a bit worried, absorbed in her own thoughts, while some work needed to be done, and she was doing the work nonetheless. I was observing her from a distance. First I thought I must let her [...]

Keeping kids healthy!

As a parent of two little ones, I have been through the anxious phases when one worries about them catching an infection, getting a seasonal flu, or getting infected with some germ that is infecting someone in the family. However, I have to say, that my slow and steady inner work has helped me and [...]


नारी   वो निकली घर से बाहर, अपने लिए, तो सुना उसने कुछ, “ये कैसे कर सकती हो तुम”, “घर पर ही रहो” “घर कौन देखेगा” “शर्म नहीं है क्या” “दिमाग तो ठिकाने है ना”   पर जैसे कि ये सब अब उसके लिए वो थे, काला अक्षर भैंस बराबर ! उसके कान पर जूँ [...]

Wo sookhi tehniyaan

तुमने देखा, मुझे एक सूखे से वृक्ष पर बैठे हुए, कहीं दूर के ख्वाब लेते हुए, मेरे लिए तो वो दो हरे पत्ते ही काफी थे ! मेरे लाल रंग को लाल रखने के लिए, वो हरियाली काफी थी !  

Kuch Panktiyaan

कुछ पंक्तियाँ - (विनती- थोड़े से नमक के साथ पढ़ें ) जब पूछती हैं सखियाँ, आज बड़ी फ्रेश लग रही हो, तो कह देती हूँ, कि नहा के आयी हूँ, इसलिए ! और हँस देती हूँ !   कैसे समझाऊँ उन्हें, कि तुम्हारी खुशबू है, जो महका के रखती है !   वैसे पानी की [...]

वो टूटती ‘पक्की’ ज़मीन

आज सुबह ज़रा मौसम का मज़ा ले रही थी, ज़रा ओस से नम हुई घास को अपने नंगे पैरों से सहला रही थी, तो यकायक नज़र पड़ी, एक तरफ की ज़मीन पर !   पक्की ज़मीन थी, हम इंसानों ने उस पर पक्केपन का भेष चढ़ा दिया था, और साथ ही दिखा, ये मोटे तने [...]

That Discomfort…

There was a feeling of being off centred. Yes, she was sure about that. She was sure, something was not right. What did she do, or not do? She began to scan internally? What happened that this disharmony inside manifested itself? She was feeling vicious. She was feeling that she wasn't behaving rightly. She was [...]

Focussing on the Wholeness.

Whenever someone falls ill, the people around and the person himself, might feel that something is lacking, something is incomplete, something is not right, that something is being missed. While all these are certainly normal.. There is something we forget. Yes, we all must be healthy and healthy bodies are definitely, manifestations of overall well [...]

क्या माँगू, तेरे लिए !

  ऐ मेरे प्यारे, मैं तेरे लिए क्या माँगू? अगर केवल सुख सुविधा माँगू, तो जानती हूँ की आतंरिक संतुष्टि के लिए तू फिर भी तड़पेगा!   तो सोचती हूँ, कि तेरे लिए माँगू उससे नज़दीकी, तेरी खुद से नज़दीकी !   और सोचती हूँ, कि तेरे लिए माँगू, ऐसी चुनौतियाँ, तो तुझे अपने पिंजरे [...]

Lost and Found

She had lost her laptop charger. Her own had gotten Kaputt. So, a friend had spared hers which was not being used by her. She was very excited about it. She felt very grateful for the presence of such friends, who have spare, highly expensive laptop chargers, in functional condition. 🙂 Didn't she just love [...]

Ek naya sprout

आज सुबह उठी, तो मन किया ज़रा पेड़ पौधों के पास बैठूँ, उन्हें निहारूँ,   तो गयी बालकनी में, वहाँ रखे गमलों और उनमें से निकलती कोंपलों के दर्शन किये   एक गमले पर नज़र गयी अटक, उसमें एक छोटी सी कोंपल रही थी मटक   बड़ी ख़ुशी हुई उसे हरा भरा, बढ़ते हुए देख [...]

Neem aur tum, bhaai bhaai

खाली बैठी थी, तो याद आया कि दाँत साफ़ करने हैं मुँह में नीम का दातुन डाल लिया,   उसे चबाने पर,   कड़वा कड़वा रस मुँह में बहने लगा, पर अच्छा एहसास था, ये पता था कि कड़वाहट से ही तो दाँत साफ़ रहते हैं, कीटाणु नष्ट करती है कड़वाहट, नीम की कड़वाहट ! [...]

Diwali nazdeek hai

मुझे तुम मिले, पर नहीं मिले,   तो थक हार के मैंने अपने अंधेरों में झाँका, झाँकती रही, झाँकती रही,   तुम्हारी और से जब जब दुःख पाया, अंधेरों को अपने, मैंने, उतना ही अपना साथी पाया,   अब तो ऐसी यारी हो गयी है कि तुम से सुख या दुःख की कोई आशा नहीं, [...]

Only for once!

Something in her knew, knew well   that this separation from her beloved, was necessary. was extremely necessary   it was to tell her, that she would not die, if not for him   that the world does not begin and end at him that there was a lot more relationships, a lot more loves, [...]

When I just AM

Nature is bare. Nature is naked. Nature is unapologetic. Nature is, what it is. Nature is expressing it's truth, shamelessly. And that is why, nature is Still. Stillness of the ocean, stillness of a mountain, stillness behind the movement of a river, stillness behind the chirping of a bird, stillness of mud, stillness of a [...]

My Dear mind

मेरे प्रिय, मन   आज मैं तुमसे वो कहने जा रही हूँ, जो मैं आज तक नहीं कह पायी । हम दोनों का संबंध, सदियों से चला आ रहा है, जन्मों जन्मांतर से । अब दूर से किसी को बताएँ, तो सोच सोच के बड़े अचम्भित और शायद (मूर्ख लोग) प्रसन्न भी हो सकते हैं, [...]

Shakti rising

She was a rebellious being. Ready to follow her heart, no matter what people said around her. Enjoying her life. This precious life. Sharing her with the World around. And then, Her father gets a heart attack. Despite being a very open minded individual, he falls pray to the emotional melodrama of "shaadi kar le [...]

Loving oneself unapologetically

#चिन्मयआनंदकीलोककथायें Anand: Mummy Boy X mujhe keh raha tha ki tera haircut gandaa hai   Mummy:(Shocked for a moment. took a breath, to see these things starting at Nursery level, age not even 4yrs, ghor kalyug)   Anand, agar Mummy aapko bolegi, ki anand tu gandaa hai to tu kya gandaa ho jayega mummy ke [...]

Space and infinity

Chinmay and Anand are talking to each other about who has more of a virtual fantasy item. Chinmay: I have infinity Anand: I have infinity The next day, Chinmay contemplating on infinity, C: Mummy, space bhi infinity hoti hai naa, kyonki wo bhi khatam hi nahi hoti!!!! Mummy: (Awestruck with mouth open, a fly goes [...]

The Sho (Kno)ck of Cancer !

It is not that I felt everything was going great. Things 'were' going bad, physically, emotionally, mentally. But they were 'subtly' bad, 'mildly' bad. They were tolerable. I had started somehow tolerating my life. That was my biggest error. Not to be just NON TOLERANT about giving my power away to anyone! I had stopped [...]

Talk about ‘others’

I met a close mentor. Calling her a mentor, because I have always learnt something from her. And she is more experienced, seen more of life, the world, people, than me who is younger in age than her. Usually our meetings are about talking about each others experiences, challenges, new things explored etc.etc. This time, [...]


kya tum kal ke liye jeetey, aur kal ke liye hi aaj martey aur tadaptey ho? Wo kal nahi aayega, jhootha hai, makkaar hai, badmaash hai, maine use jaana hai, karogey mujhpe yakeen, mere dost.. Wo nahi aayega, tum martey hi jaaogey, uske intezaar mein, par wo nahi aayega.. jisne aanaa thaa, wo aa gaya, [...]