The Beauty of Helplessness!

Lately, a friend was feeling helpless. Helpless because she was seeing a loved one suffering, emotionally, mentally, yet despite all her efforts she was unable to break him open to look at the light in his life. Despite her efforts, some direct and some indirect, it all went in vain, she could not move him [...]


Escapism and call of the Heart!

Wouldn’t it be escapism? He asks me gently, as we discuss a few things together!  Wouldn’t I be escaping, if I do not understand my current obligations and what people expect of me to fulfil, and try to follow what I like? For example, listen to something, or read, or work at some place which [...]

Her continued troubles!

She had a difficult time in her last workplace. Something had happened and she got entangled in various sorts of office troubles. It was a difficult phase. She left the job after sometime when she realised that it was enough and the situation was not changing. She thought of finding another job. And within no [...]

Once upon a time

Once, there was a little boy. He lived in a forest with his mother. His mother was his source of existence, he got to know the world safely and securely because she was there. He would play through the day, and come back into mummy's lap. He felt home. After he was reenergized he would [...]

A child calling..

An infant is playing around, exploring the world of manifested things around him. In exploring through his senses, he gets his leg stuck in a trap. He tries to see whether he can move out on his own. He tries and tries. Nothing happens. He cannot do this on his own. He looks around, he [...]

Tumhari Dulatti!

यूँ ठुकराया ना होता दुलत्ती मार कर तुमने मुझे, अर्ज़ किया है, कि यूँ ठुकराया ना होता दुलत्ती मार कर तुमने मुझे, तो कैसे लड़खड़ाती और संभलती मैं? कैसे पाती अपना निजी संतुलन? जिसे कभी शायद जान ही ना पाती! तो तुम्हारी दुलत्ती ने जो की ये मनमानी, बहनजी की बड़ी मेहरबानी! तुमने मुझे बेसहारा [...]

Aren’t you a celebrity?

I shared with a friend of something where I crossed my thresholds, a recent happening in my life. She responded back, 'You have become a celebrity!' I responded, 'Well, aren't we all celebrities? Aren't you one?' And then something transpired from this conversation, especially from her response! I can understand where she is coming from, [...]

Kuch to Gadbad hai

Most part of our lives, we live in a lack. As if something is amiss, something wants completion, something must be more, more money, more power, more connections, more sex, more houses. Nothing suffices. For that lack is nothing, but a creation of the mind, and virtual. But for us, it is real. We live [...]

Aspiration to blossom

All of us want to be anchored. All of us want to be rooted. We misplace our anchoring on people we love, places, offices, phases, children, parents, money, sex, ego, whatever. But the fact is, that we all seek an anchor. Why? Why must I seek an anchor? That too our entire lives? It has [...]

The lost person!

About 11 years ago, I went with a couple of good friends, to the Vatican. We used to study in Zurich then. We wanted to see the museum. There was one entry gate then, and one exit gate. As we were entering the museum, we saw a lady, probably a British lady, in her mid [...]

The Anchor and the Play

चलती चाकी देखकर, सो दिया कबीरा रोय। दो पाटन के बीच में, साबुत बचा न कोय।।   चाकी चाकी सब कहे, और किली कहे न कोय। जो कीली से लाग रहे, बाको बाल ना बाका होए ।। ________ चलती चाकी देखकर, सो दिया कबीरा रोय। दो पाटन के बीच में, साबुत बचा न कोय।। Kabir, [...]

The Key!

What if! What if I tell you that I keep on sending you keys. You will ask, keys to what? I say, the key to your light. You would even say, "My light? Do I have a light? What is light anyway?" And I will say, "Name it any which way. It would not matter [...]

Kavita – Tum

अभी कुछ ही समय पहले तुम बाहर गए थे, काम से, तो बिलकुल दिल नहीं किया कि तुम्हें फ़ोन कर के पूछूँ “और, कैसे हो? खाना खाया? सोये ठीक से? पानी पिया? मौसम कैसा है?” इत्यादि सोचा, कि इतने समय बाद कहीं अकेले गए हो, तुम्हें अकेलेपन का लुत्फ़ उठाने दूँ, और तुम्हारे अकेलेपन के [...]

Immunity for the Mind

A friend initiated conversation on Immunotherapy for cancer. He said that when he read about it, it felt very appealing and much better than the other therapies or treatments around for cancer. Indeed, it does sound promising. Targeted Immunotherapy. Where you are making something like a strong army, a vigilant army to take care of [...]

His Silence!

She came into the room, wanting to have a word with him. He was standing in the Balcony. It was night time, and had already started getting quieter. As quieter as it could get in a city. He was looking at the sky, or may be somewhere beyond the sky. She couldn't guess. May be [...]


A friend with whom our meet ups were not happening for a long time, remarked casually - Just a casual remark - "Your new house is not feeling very warm to me!" I invited her, to give it a chance, as I particularly feel that it has a lot of Sunshine and warmth as well, [...]


She had started living her life now. She knew it. She was just living for the sake of her heart, only that. And then, a phone call from a close relative - Oh, I hope you are taking care of your family! It sent her thinking. What was this thing about girls taking care of [...]

The dialogue

She was working in the kitchen, almost done with the cooking and winding up. She looked a bit tense, a bit worried, absorbed in her own thoughts, while some work needed to be done, and she was doing the work nonetheless. I was observing her from a distance. First I thought I must let her [...]

Keeping kids healthy!

As a parent of two little ones, I have been through the anxious phases when one worries about them catching an infection, getting a seasonal flu, or getting infected with some germ that is infecting someone in the family. However, I have to say, that my slow and steady inner work has helped me and [...]


नारी   वो निकली घर से बाहर, अपने लिए, तो सुना उसने कुछ, “ये कैसे कर सकती हो तुम”, “घर पर ही रहो” “घर कौन देखेगा” “शर्म नहीं है क्या” “दिमाग तो ठिकाने है ना”   पर जैसे कि ये सब अब उसके लिए वो थे, काला अक्षर भैंस बराबर ! उसके कान पर जूँ [...]

Wo sookhi tehniyaan

तुमने देखा, मुझे एक सूखे से वृक्ष पर बैठे हुए, कहीं दूर के ख्वाब लेते हुए, मेरे लिए तो वो दो हरे पत्ते ही काफी थे ! मेरे लाल रंग को लाल रखने के लिए, वो हरियाली काफी थी !  

Kuch Panktiyaan

कुछ पंक्तियाँ - (विनती- थोड़े से नमक के साथ पढ़ें ) जब पूछती हैं सखियाँ, आज बड़ी फ्रेश लग रही हो, तो कह देती हूँ, कि नहा के आयी हूँ, इसलिए ! और हँस देती हूँ !   कैसे समझाऊँ उन्हें, कि तुम्हारी खुशबू है, जो महका के रखती है !   वैसे पानी की [...]

वो टूटती ‘पक्की’ ज़मीन

आज सुबह ज़रा मौसम का मज़ा ले रही थी, ज़रा ओस से नम हुई घास को अपने नंगे पैरों से सहला रही थी, तो यकायक नज़र पड़ी, एक तरफ की ज़मीन पर !   पक्की ज़मीन थी, हम इंसानों ने उस पर पक्केपन का भेष चढ़ा दिया था, और साथ ही दिखा, ये मोटे तने [...]

That Discomfort…

There was a feeling of being off centred. Yes, she was sure about that. She was sure, something was not right. What did she do, or not do? She began to scan internally? What happened that this disharmony inside manifested itself? She was feeling vicious. She was feeling that she wasn't behaving rightly. She was [...]