User friendly Love

I am so used to comfort, my ease, my not wanting to stretch myself much. I am so used to comfort, that I now want even Love to be user friendly. Wow. Never heard something like that before! User friendly Love! I thought Love stretches itself in all directions it feels pulled towards. I thought [...]

Living as a slave or King..

A whole life time is passed, listening, obeying and being a slave to the expectations and demands of someone inside me, which I think to be myself. I drain my energies, run a whole day, after people, after jobs, after money, after relationships, in a wishful thinking that if I fulfill the demands and wants [...]

To be interested or not..

What would interest a drunkard? Alcohol. Satsang will not really interest him. Right? What will interest an addict? The object of his addiction, of course. But that does not say that being interested in alcohol or any object of my addiction is good for me per se. I just am so obsessed with being interested [...]

Die everyday..

I die everyday,  everyday I die,  to the ones I love, and like,   to the things I love to do,  to my likes and dislikes. I die everyday and am reborn,  to experience you afresh,  to experience me afresh,  to experience the various things, to experience life itself.  For I see that if I don't [...]

Remember and Offer

Remember and Offer: The Mother (Pondicherry) Many times in our life, and especially on the spiritual path, (where one is consciously becoming more and more aware of the subtle movements of the being, even mild ripples of the being are noticed, and cannot escape the eye of witnessing presence) things happen, movement is noticed in [...]

Intimate relationships..

In intimate relationships, there is something that happens, which does not usually happen in all other relationships. We begin to look at ourself from other person's eyes. We place our sense of self-worth in other person's hands. If he loves me, I feel loved. If he abandons me, I feel abandoned. If he cares for [...]

Life as an exploration!?

There are experiences in life, which one can easily move on from, letting them slip from us. And then, there are experiences in life which are very sticky, they seem to stick very tightly. A place where you invested yourself too much, and ended up getting exhausted by that investing your energies there... will, sooner [...]

Right now..

Walking is happening, the shadow of the walker is seen, and a thought comes, and almost captures the walking.. The thought says, 'I' am the one walking. So called successes and failures are happening... And a thought comes and seizes the happening.. and says, 'I am the one who succeeded, I am the one who [...]

Search for happiness…

Life presents us with a certain experience, and owing to whatever, we feel happy, elated, joyous. The situation 'may seem' to be caused by a person, an activity, an experience, a situation, etc etc. One enjoys that experience. And the mind wants to have that experience again, as obviously, happiness is something all of us [...]

कुछ होने की चाहत मेंतेरे चरणों को न गवां दूं मैं ये चाह है क्यों?ये भी अर्पण, ये भी अर्पण। अपनी बातें तू ही जाने,ये मन तन जीवनतुझको अर्पण क्या हूं मैं और नहीं हूं क्याये क्यों कर भला फिर जानू मैं? जो तेरा था वो तू ही रख,जो मैं ने मेरा सोचा, वह सोच [...]

Do not abandon yourself…

When life is hard, each day becomes a struggle, When pain is too much, and disappointments galore, When the future dreams lie shattered, broken, and past haunts too much, Do not forget to.... Breathe...Breathe.... Breathe into all that...... For, these are the times you need yourself the most.. Do not abandon yourself for a saviour [...]

Meeting life first hand..

There is nothing wrong with feeling lonely, It's allowed to don't have to shoo it away at all... There's nothing wrong with feeling lost, abandoned... All alone in this immensely crowded world... Lets meet loneliness.. it's just a friend, Needs a little room in your vast embrace.. Don't go by the face value or [...]

Timelessness and time

Today, there is another visitor in the room, It's another little clock. It rhymes somehow, with the clock on the wall... Feels as if they know each other, already... They are making music together in time.. Tick tick tock tock... Though they represent to me that time is moving on, on and on... Yet somehow [...]

Burning bridges..

Sometimes, when the past troubles too much, and the future dreams lie shattered, one needs to burn the bridges.. to take back all the meanings to things, situations, people, that were given, as if in a dream.. Sometimes, when the past hurts much, and the dreams of future shattered, break our heart.. one needs to [...]

The visitors..

I can live, with some wants unfulfilled, some desires, unfulfilled, some expectations unmet, some demands not granted... I can live, yes, with all of that... I can allow all these visitors, a place in my being, pain, confusion, doubts, misery, struggle, hollowness, unworthiness, or their seeming opposites, they are all welcome, in this wide open [...]

She knew…

As she was growing up, as if directly or indirectly, she was always being told, of what is expected of her, how to live, making people happy around you, behaving well, the responsibilities, the duties.. etc.etc. Why did she not question? Why did she not wonder? Why must I behave in that way only, why [...]

The kid in us..

There is a little child in us. Very stubborn. Very demanding. It just can jump up any time and begin demanding, put forward a seeming little demand. It feels that when the demand will be fulfilled, it will feel better. All our life, through this way or the other way, we keep on being a [...]

Airplane mode..

I am sure, half of us landing up here on the blogpost, must be intrigued by the topic itself ! 🙂 Let's see, uncover, what this has to offer.. All of us know about the mobile phone in Airplane mode. I will be talking here of the airplane mode, without the wifi on. So, you [...]

Being and becoming..

I see that I am a continuous process... like a river, like a stream.. Many things come up, sometimes I feel I understand, sometimes I feel I don't, deeper and deeper layers reveal themselves to me.. gradually, in time.. I see, So much of me lies hidden from me.. and is uncovered only in time.. [...]


For some, courage is to become able to say a long awaited NO. For some, courage is to gather force to say a difficult YES. For some, courage is to find the strength to hold on, between a Yes and a No. For some, courage is to move on. For some, courage is to hang [...]

There is someone..

There is someone.. I dont know who that someone is, I dont know much of the characteristics.. But that someone is a reality am sure.. And that someone, just pushes me, Further and further... No matter, how many times I fail, No matter how many mistakes I commit, That someone just keeps me pushing further.. [...]

What is an emotion?

Usually our mind is a space, where thoughts can freely come, wander about, make that place their home, their washroom, all that. That is what at the moment our mind is. Looted by thoughts. Then comes emotion. Emotions are intense. They have energy with them, they are strong, intense. When I support a thought / [...]

I am..the….

I am very smart Very clever, very calculative.. I feel I know the best, always, I feel what I know is exactly the way how things must be, how people must behave... I make and create stories, and based on them, I make my puppet live a life.. The puppet suffers, badly, his heart cannot [...]