Play dead

Drink the poison life gives you, Drink it, keep it in the throat. Complain not. Keep the Lord in your heart. Complain not. All seeming atrocities life gives you, Take them with head bowed down, With open hands, Complain not. & Whenever you are ready, And have reacted enough no. Of times, Exploded enough no.of [...]

Heaven and Hell

I have been to hell. Yes. I think I now can say that I have tasted Hell. Dark, chaotic, painful, full of misery and suffering. Yes, I have tasted that. It seems familiar. But that's not all of it. There is light too. At each step of the ladder to hell, there is light. It [...]

You choose..

One day, those who you trusted the most, will mock at you, laugh at you, will tell you .. "you are imperfect, you are ugly, unworthy of grace. How dare you touch something pious, sacred, beautiful and worthy?" They will tell you, directly or indirectly, And say "you are not worthy of grace, you are [...]

Chhoooo-mantar !!!

Something was on her mind, A bit on her heart.. Things unresolved, can make any one fart. That dard of the heart went into her head, Caused a creepy crawly migraine there.. Hmm... What to do? She wondered, had no clue! She pushed herself out of the head, and a bit out of the bed. [...]

When things go bad..

When things are sad, And look a bit bad... Just tell yourself, that you are still there. Place your hand on your heart, And assure yourself, Yes, I am still there, besides me. People may have given up on you, People may have closed their doors, For some reason or another, You are just on [...]


As I am asleep, deep asleep in my room, Not aware of anything called light.. You come every night, and force me To wake up. I am not really wanting it. No. But here you come, with your gentle force, a gentle and persistent force, You stand there, with your full brightness and shine, And [...]

We will never part..

Now, that you are not there with me,  I see myself becoming you!  I get goosebumps when I see myself thinking,  Feeling in the way you would.  As if, when it seems I have lost you,  I am closer to you even more.  Face values deceive, they say.  Now it is more clear... Yes, I [...]

Standing by myself

We are all imperfect, moving towards increasing purity and perfection,And there are moments when I am not my highest. I realise later, I could have done better, be better, But the moment is gone, all I have is an experience..a taste of darkness,And yes, with the wisdom coming from the experience, I will do better, I will [...]

You were never there!

You were never there!  Whenever I needed you, you were never there.  God knows what illusion I followed,  That I ran after you, like a mirage.. you always escaped and went away and away.  I thought of sharing my life with you,  But you were not there.  I thought of sharing my dreams and ideas [...]

The stubborn child

Our patterns of thinking, patterns of behavior, patterns of emotions, me and my story - creates this thing that we call as "ego." What do I want by the other person to behave in the way that I think is right? What do I want by the relationship to go in a direction which I [...]

यह जीव आया दूर ते, जाना है बहु दूर । बिच के बासे बसि गया, काल रहा सिर पूर ॥

यह जीव आया दूर ते, जाना है बहु दूर । बिच के बासे बसि गया, काल रहा सिर पूर ॥ Saint Kabir das ji. Kabir ji says here: You have come from the beyond, and you have to journey to the beyond, where in the middle did you settle down? Can't you see, right next [...]

कबीर जीवन कुछ नहीं, खिन खारा खिन मीठ कलहि अलहजा मारिया, आज मसाना ठीठ।

कबीर जीवन कुछ नहीं, खिन खारा खिन मीठकलहि अलहजा मारिया, आज मसाना ठीठ। Kabir ji says, This life is fleeting, ephemeral, changes every moment. In a moment it can turn salty, in a moment sweet. Look at that warrior, who was slaying and fighting yesterday in the battlefield; he now lies dead in the shamshaan. [...]

कबीर गाफील क्यों फिरय, क्या सोता घनघोर, तेरे सिराने जाम खड़ा, ज्यों अंधियारे चोर।

कबीर गाफील क्यों फिरय, क्या सोता घनघोरतेरे सिराने जाम खड़ा, ज्यों अंधियारे चोर। O negligent fellow, why do you continue to sleep deeply? Right next to your pillow is standing the thief, who will rob you of your life, anytime. (In darkness of your being, you cannot sense the thief) There are many many couplets, [...]

तन को जोगी सब करें, मन को बिरला कोई. सब सिद्धि सहजे पाइए, जे मन जोगी होइ.

तन को जोगी सब करें, मन को बिरला कोई. सब सिद्धि सहजे पाइए, जे मन जोगी होइ. Kabir ji says, there are many many who try and work towards detachment of the body. Leaving relations, family, leaving attachment to material possessions, etc. But only a rare one would try and make the mind non-sticky, free [...]

What’s truly me?

The way I react, the way I speak, the way I behave, my thought patterns, my emotional patterns, my likes and dislikes, my opinion about myself and others, my mental rigidities and my beliefs and rules and principles, All of that I take that as me. And I suffer badly owing to this attachment to [...]

Don’t give up yet..

Yes, you loved them dearly, and now they can't be seen anywhere nearly. When you feel you need someone the most, they are no where to be seen and you feel lost. Feel lost. Feel abandoned. Feel all the pity and the misery, go through this auspicious darkness and abandonment, from people you loved. So [...]

Truth waits…

While truth waits for us... To give it a heed. We are occupied, very very occupied, In looking after our basic needs. There is no end to our day to day life, And no end to the struggle and strife. We wait for the right time to arrive, For our cramps to heal, Our food [...]

A different way to live

Flowering of free human beings not emotionally dependent on other people, not living a life feeding their insecurities, not wanting to extract any source of feed from the other person - this flowering seems to be a dangerous flowering for the systems currently existing. Dangerous for the presently existing systems of marriage, institutions, business models [...]

Desire = past

A desire is always belonging to the past. How? I can not desire something which I have not already seen, thought of, tasted, before. I may have eaten something in the past which I enjoyed. So, I can desire for that again. I may have heard of something through a friend, I know a bit [...]

Kids and adults

What fun is it, virtually Every time, to look at little kids playing, wandering, having fun. I wonder often, what is so attractive about them..innocence, honest, raw, transparent, vulnerable, unarmed, rid of past, rid of future, fully available to all experience of life. Whether it is crying, getting hurt, swinging, hitting, fighting, playing, jumping, dancing, [...]

User friendly Love

I am so used to comfort, my ease, my not wanting to stretch myself much. I am so used to comfort, that I now want even Love to be user friendly. Wow. Never heard something like that before! User friendly Love! I thought Love stretches itself in all directions it feels pulled towards. I thought [...]

To be interested or not..

What would interest a drunkard? Alcohol. Satsang will not really interest him. Right? What will interest an addict? The object of his addiction, of course. But that does not say that being interested in alcohol or any object of my addiction is good for me per se. I just am so obsessed with being interested [...]

Die everyday..

I die everyday,  everyday I die,  to the ones I love, and like,   to the things I love to do,  to my likes and dislikes. I die everyday and am reborn,  to experience you afresh,  to experience me afresh,  to experience the various things, to experience life itself.  For I see that if I don't [...]

Remember and Offer

Remember and Offer: The Mother (Pondicherry) Many times in our life, and especially on the spiritual path, (where one is consciously becoming more and more aware of the subtle movements of the being, even mild ripples of the being are noticed, and cannot escape the eye of witnessing presence) things happen, movement is noticed in [...]

Intimate relationships..

In intimate relationships, there is something that happens, which does not usually happen in all other relationships. We begin to look at ourself from other person's eyes. We place our sense of self-worth in other person's hands. If he loves me, I feel loved. If he abandons me, I feel abandoned. If he cares for [...]